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Imagine thriving as an organization by achieving sustainable agility, breakthrough performance, innovation and profitability.

Discover the Breakthrough Results an Agile Breakthrough Performance Culture can achieve in your Organization.

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Is your Company Performing like this?

• Lower than expected profitability
• Delayed time to market (release dates)
• Employee dissatisfaction and high turnover rates
• Antiquated and inefficient workflow processes
• A cultural environment that lacks clarity, focus, and engagement

An Agile Breakthrough Performance Culture will:

• Increase profits and improve measurable performance
• Launch a smooth, efficient transition to an Agile culture in a matter of months
• Establish your organization as an energetic and adaptable enterprise
• Foster an environment of honesty, openness, respect and enthusiasm (Really!)





How Agile Breakthrough Performance compares to High Performance?

84% of global businesses report that workplace culture is a critical success factor. But that doesn’t mean that a healthy workplace culture is the norm. In fact, 67% of U.S. workers are disengaged at work, costing U.S. businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year. An engaged workforce will deliver strong ROI, product development and profitability. Consider the wonderful characteristics of high performing agile organizations, and put them on steroids. Agile Breakthrough performance cultures are high performance cultures that implement the most cutting edge human and organizational awareness, transformation, communication and performance technologies available today.

Awaken Executive Consulting partners with you to create a culture that:

  • Converts employees into highly engaged, connected, and trusted stakeholders with a personal stake in the company’s success.
  • Empowers the organization with “Authentic Leadership,” the highest and most effective form of leadership.
  • Inspires all employees to assume accountability for team, department AND organizational success.
  • Embraces agile as fast and efficient with the ability to make accurate strategic organizational changes to market conditions.
  • Delivers high quality products and services to market ON TIME.
  • Thrives beyond survival!

Agile methods cannot transform your company alone. Building a breakthrough performance culture means transforming the people within your company.

Different industries have demonstrated that Agile methodology has great potential to boost profitably and catapult performance by mining the energy, creativity and contribution of all the members of an organization. But, Agile methods alone are not enough. Allow your organization to fully benefit from what Agile has to offer. Together we can create a breakthrough culture that fully integrates Agile principles into the lives of your people.

Awaken Executive helps you realize the genius of Agile where it counts: your employees and teams

Awaken Executive serves as your partner to help you empower your team’s potential and establish the foundations of effectiveness: trust, collaboration and a pervasive win/win attitude. You’ll get measurable, sustainable, scalable results. We’ll help your people flourish with the principles of Agile: create internal operating synergies, realize engaged communication and establish an effective organizational vision. Watch your employees transform into responsive stakeholders capable of streamlining processes and reducing costs.

We are the Agile Breakthrough Performance Culture Transformation Experts

We offer powerful, intensive breakthrough training, consulting and coaching for your executives, departments and teams. During our unique and personalized programs we guide participants through a journey of discovery that reveals their authentic intention to serve the team, the group and the organization.